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1939 Chevy

I met Joe recently through a friend who thought maybe I could help get Joe rolling again. Joe’s car has had more work done on it it in the past few weeks than it has had in over 18 years!   Like many people Joe bought a car with the dream and plan of one day building his own hot rod.  Then……    life happened.  The car has been basically garaged for the better part of two decades sitting for most of that time in raw metal!!  Luckily Joe has a nice dry garage and the car was and is in excellent condition.

The car had very minor metal work needed,   mainly a few small rust/damage repairs.

The Metal work is now done and we have the bodywork “roughed” in.  We are in the process of assembling the car making the modifications needed as we go for things like  IFS  air conditioning etc.  Once we know all our new stuff is going to work,  we will finish the body work and get to making this car pretty.

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